Mid North Coast Disability Friendship Group

In 2020 life as we knew it changed.

With the rapid spreading of the COVID-19 virus (CORONAVIRUS) around the globe, countries went into lockdown.

There was no more international travel, there was no more domestic travel. No one was having a holiday in 2020. We also saw the rise of panic buying and we witnessed a world shortage of things such as toilet paper and hand sanitiser. We were traveling into unchartered territory and none of us knew how or when we would come out the other side.

Fortunately to date (date of writing 6-4-20) the measures Australia has been taking seems to have slowed down the curve, if we were to compare the tragedy that is taking place in alot of other countries around the globe. Our poor friends in America which is now the epicenter for the virus are being hit extremely hard.

Being told you can not leave your house will have effects on everyones mental health, but for our more vulnerable people in the community, people living with disabilities this impact can be far worse.

That is why we have created a Facebook community for the people in our local area to find support, friendship and fun during these hard times. If you are on the Mid North Coast of NSW and would like to be apart of our community – Mid North Coast Disability Friendship Group please follow the link below to join.

Once you arrive, please introduce yourself, maybe with a photo if you are not shy – or if you are shy, just say hello to let us know you are here.

If you have any concerns around issues that you may be unsure of or facing, please let us know and we will endeavour to get you the answers. We will also have some fun games and some educational units which may teach you some new skills. We will have laughter and friendship and most importantly all support one another during these times of social isolation.

And please remember, this time will pass and life as we know it will return one day in the future and the plus side is, you will now have alot more friends in the local community.

We look forward to welcoming you on the inside. ❤️️


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